A guitar lovers collection, each song is a true masterful work of art. Jensen’s pleasing baritone vocals and sheer talent take you on a soulful ride you won’t soon forget.
— Sue Menhart, Soundwaves
Jensen is able to fill the intimate room with such power and preciseness that one would think the rest of his band is hiding somewhere.
— Krystal Lynn Mutschler, Western Sun
There’s no telling what to expect - other than greatness. For years, Jensen has been refining an Eastern European style based on the nuances of Django Reinhardt. But, he’s also played with futuristic jamsters Incognito Sofa Love and spent mucho time on the road with Americana faves Quiet Life, serving as a sort of Nels Cline to their Wilco.
— Rick Koster, New London Day
mesmerizing guitar riffs [...] that will definitely have the listener wanting more of that.” and “the band makes use of some talented guitar solos in songs like “The Fool” and “Time Until” that will definitely blow you away.
— Sam Fallone,